How we're helping to put Hessle First

Oliver Hudson, Hudson Property

oliver-hudsonIn spite of the little hair I have, it still needs cutting. Since the age of four I’ve always had my hair cut at a wonderful salon on Spring Bank in Hull, but due to Hessle First and the number of shops that are closing in Hessle, I’m using Hessle shops for everything I can, including haircuts. I’m working my way around the salons in Hessle, and when I’ve used them all, I’ll start again at the beginning!”

Jill Atkinson, Atkinson’s of Hessle (Electrical)

jill-atkinsonHi, I’m Jill from Atkinsons of Hessle (Electrical) pictured here with my dog Barney who is always with me at work! I always try to buy what I need in Hessle first (pardon the pun) before going elsewhere. I bought most of my Christmas shopping in Hessle and had some lovely chats with fellow business owners. There are plenty of gift shops for something special including Vanilla and Cottage Gifts, whom I can always rely on for something for my Mum who is hard to buy for.”

Jan Celella, Gardiners Jewellers

jan-celella-gardiners-jewellersI am putting Hessle First by using all the local businesses as much as I possibly can. If we all, as traders, adopted this principle it would surely boost takings for all of us. It is very tempting to turn to the internet for convenience but sometimes you need to touch and see the item you are buying, a picture is never the same.”

Zara Holland, Mimi Boutique

zara-hollandI always shop locally in Hessle, supporting all local business. In November I organised a fashion show involving lots of Hessle businesses to promote them even more! And I will continue to do this for our next event!”

Rev Janet Whelan, Methodist Minister, Hull (Centre and West)

rev-janet-whelanWhenever possible I shop locally in Hessle. We have a brilliant bookshop in Hessle and if they don’t have what you need they will order it. Half of the bookshop stocks Christian goods and there isn’t one like it for miles. When we have visitors come to stay I often take them around the shops in Hessle because we have so many that are quite unique. I don’t own a business, I’m the Methodist minister in Hessle.”

Carl Bradley, Clark Weightman

carl-bradleyFed up of going to meetings and realising that you’ve left your glasses on your desk in the office? I kept doing that, so at lunchtime today I went to Specsavers on Prestongate and bought a spare pair to keep in the car!”

Paul Scott, Eyeweb

paul_scottAll the guys at our office use Hessle’s retailers, sandwich shops and pubs as often as possible… maybe too much of the latter!”

Daniel Roche, M.B.Roche & Sons Ltd

daniel-rocheI’m supporting Hessle First as we have to encourage as much as possible all Hessle businesses to work together to cross promote one another.”

Janet Shilcock, Offspring Management Limited

janet-shilcockWe are restoring quality business premises to use in Hessle and are increasing the commerce/businesses opportunities in the town.”

Lynn Hulme, Hudson Property

lynn-hulmeMy favourite hobby happens to be knitting and fortunately Hessle has one of the few shops in the area that has everything a knitter needs, so I’m always in there spending!”

Julia Baughan, Hudson Property

julia-baughanAs a rule if I can get it in Hessle, I’ll buy it in Hessle. A good example is whenever I’m looking for something special to wear, I almost always find what I want in Hessle.”

Jo Watson Davies, Media Officer, Hessle Sporting Club

Jo_Watson_DaviesHessle Sporting Club receives invaluable support from the Hessle traders, so I shop in Hessle as much as I can and encourage our members to do so as well.”

Marie Stipetic, Hessle Toning Tables

“To promote Hessle, I verbally suggest local shops in the Square, The Weir and Prestongate, as well as local events, fairs, etc and share my local knowledge as a lot of my clients don’t live in Hessle. I also have a notice board in my room where people/businesses can advertise free of charge and if anyone would like me to promote anything this way please feel free to email me or drop in.”

Ian Jarvis, Norman Jarvis & Son Electricians

ian-jarvisI buy a soup from James Patrick for myself and my secretary each day.”

Christine Brant, H.F.M Hairdressing for Men

Christine BrantHessle has all the amenities you’d ever need in 2 square miles, why would we ever need to go anywhere else? But just remember the famous motto if you don’t use it you lose it!”

Vivian Bush, Bush Opticians

“We’ve created a very special and individual optical practice, offering a range of exceptional services which bring patients into Hessle from far afield. We’ve created our car park to make life easier for our clients. And we encourage our clients to explore the local shops – they trot off for coffees, visit the deli’, spend at Cascade and Dias for example.”

Caroline Liggins, Supertramp

Caroline LigginsI shop locally in Hessle, e.g. beautiful flowers from The Orange Grove, health products and vitamins from Health Matters, cards from Cardarama, and beauty products from Beaute 21.”

Julie Masterman, Vanilla

Julie MastermanI ALWAYS suggest/recommend/champion Hessle shops and businesses to customers (or in fact anybody!) and encourage them to visit shops in Hessle.”

Ivor Innes, Innes

“June and I will pop over to our pals at Goodfellows for a great deal on a joint of beef and extra sausages!”

David Innes, Innes

“If I know the children are going to pop in and see me after school, and they’ve been good, I’ll pop over to The Cake Room to get them a wee treat!”

Chris Piercy, Innes

“I’m always ready for my lunch, so it’s great to pop into the Co-Op and grab a meal deal and get points on my club card!”